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Working from home with a yorkie puppy

Keeping Nami occupied while I work from home is no easy feat, but it gets manageable with time…that, or I am just getting used to it.

I think one of the hardest things about being a dog mum is staying committed. When I’m feeling tired or lazy, I still need to be responsible for Nami even if it means forcing myself out of the apartment. 😀

Although the things Nami and I do together when I work from home may vary depending on the weather, my workload, and my health — these are the things I do to give myself room to get work done from home:

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My fave Australian brands for dog clothes and accessories

I love dressing Nami up in dog clothes and accessories. These are the Australian brands for dog clothing and accessory that I sometimes shop from, but mostly wish I could buy from.

Honestly, I haven’t bought from all these brands yet because I need to budget my income :’D but I like and follow them all to death, and plan to buy from them little by little, sale by sale, one by one.

I am NOT a sponsor for any of these brands, and this is NOT a sponsored post.

Actually, Nami isn’t a sponsor for any brand yet :’D

Nobody was harmed in the writing of this post, except for mummy’s credit card.

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Potty training a yorkie

I think Yorkies, like all small stubborn breeds, are known as a bit of a potty training challenge. I watched a few Youtube videos before Nami arrived home and fully expected a few weeks of waking up in the middle of the night to make him go pee as part of his training process.

Thankfully, it wasn’t as bad as that. 😛

Luckily, Nami adjusted fairly quickly, but he still has accidents in the house.

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How much does a dog cost in Melbourne?

Continued financial cost is, of course, an important consideration when getting a dog. has an outline of the costs of having a pet per year. This is a good start to knowing how much a dog will cost, but I wanted to share our financial decisions in getting a puppy in a post-COVID world.

Covid triggered a sharp rise in pet ownership in Australia. With extended lockdowns, flexible work-from-home options, and sometimes for mental/emotional support, everyone and their mother and their mother’s mother are getting a new pet.

Breeders raised the standard cost of their puppies. From what I’ve seen, the popular cavoodle designer mix is at around $5.5k-$6k on average. Frenchies are still popular, and the more exotic/rare colours seem to go from $7k-10k. Pomeranians can go from $3k to $6k depending on the breeder, for example.

Shelter adoption costs can vary, but typically are about a few hundred bucks and would’ve covered vaccines and desexing.

Once I set that amount aside, there are a few initial costs I had to cover. I kept a checklist of all I had to buy and wrote it down on paper old-school style, but here’s a digital version of it ;D

Below are rough estimates of how much I spent, just to help give you an idea. 😛

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Finding Nami the Yorkie

Nami is a COVID baby.

I am now part of the statistic of Victorians who got a dog during the pandemic, although it just so happened that we first waited for:

  • My partner to have a full-time job
  • My partner to purchase a good (secondhand) car, and make sure we’ve covered any initial maintenance costs
  • us to move and settle in a new (better) apartment
  • me to reach some significant milestones at work

before I was convinced it was a good time to get a dog (finally).

Thanks to COVID, it’s actually very hard to find a small apartment dog for adoption because everyone is adopting, and I kid you not it is easier to find an apartment to rent than to adopt a dog. I joined many adoption Facebook groups so I can stalk them real-time, but the requirements to adopt typically include:

  • must have a yard
  • must have an active lifestyle
  • must have another dog
  • must have experience raising the breed

…and we would’ve already failed the yard requirement. Or past experience with a specific breed. Or past experience training. Or having another pet. The boxes we don’t tick were endless.

My ideal dog is a toy dog. It has to be small enough for me to bring my dog EVERYWHERE. To the office, to shops, to cafes, to the toilet — I mean EVERYWHERE. And if it’s easier for me to find a job than to adopt a rescue, then fck it I’ll just buy a puppy. “Adopt not shop” is a bullshit advice in a post-COVID AU world.

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